Aesthetically pleasing results of anodising

Posted in the category Australian Anodising on 20 March 2013

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The aesthetically pleasing results of anodising combined with the functional benefits of increased durability offer numerous design opportunities for architects, builders, product designers and specifiers, as well as artists.

Here are some examples of the end products using anodised aluminum:

  • Building exteriors, such as storefronts, curtain walls and roofing systems.
  • Appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, coffee brewers, ranges, televisions, microwave equipment.
  • Vents, awnings, dust covers, light fixtures, storm doors, window frames, mailboxes, bathroom accessories, patio covers, and wall switch plates for buildings.
  • Display cases, pans, coolers, and grills for the food industry.
  • Tables, beds, files and storage chests for homes and offices.
  • Golf carts, boats, and camping/fishing equipment for the leisure industry.
  • Hundreds of components for motor vehicles of all kinds such as trim parts, wheel covers, control panels, and name plates.
  • Exterior panels for aerospace vehicles, clocks and electronic products, fire extinguishers, photo equipment, solar panels, telephones, picture frames, and bathroom accessories.
  • Interior decoration.

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