Anodising trusses and handrails for a unique environment

Posted in the category Anodising News on 20 March 2013

Did you know NASA Space Station uses anodised trusses and handrails.

Trusses: During truss component assembly in space, the on-orbit thermal environment’s effects are challenging. According to Boeing’s Manager of Outboard Truss Elements at Boeing Canoga Park who worked on the project, direct sunlight and shadowing cause wide swings in temperature; the anodised surface finish of the extruded aluminum trusses provides superior optical properties and, because anodised aluminum doesn’t get as hot, allows for better overall thermal control.

Handrails: Extruded aluminum handrails are both anchors and lifelines for every ISS astronaut—keeping them from floating off into outer space when they venture outside on a space walk. Handrails are anodised in a bright gold finish to stand out visually against the clear silver truss structures.

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