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Posted in the category on 1 August 2013

Lismore, NSW, 31st July, 2013 – Australian Anodising is an exciting new business which has recently been launched into the Australian market.

Australian Anodising aims to be the leader in Anodising Aluminium and brings to the market over 27 years of anodising experience.

The core products and services of the business include: anodising aluminium labels, nameplates, serial plates, compliance plates, anodised sheet metal as well as being able to anodise manufactured machined and engineered aluminium parts.

Australian Anodising aims to sell to a wide range of industries including electrical, university, hospital, industrial mechanical, manufacturing, aerospace, hotels, restaurants and pubs, heritage sites, national parks, zoos, and museums to name a few.

Anodising enhances the natural metallic lustre of aluminium while accepting durable and vibrant colour through an electrochemical process. The end result is a much harder finish, which provides an extremely durable and long lasting product.

Australian Anodising is a subsidiary business of Armsign Pty Ltd, which has been operating in the Australian market for over 27 years.

Australian Anodising*
Australian Anodising is a leader in Anodising Aluminium. With over 27 years of experience, we can guarantee a quality finish for long lasting products.

For Further Media Information Contact :

Brian Clarke – Sales and Marketing Manager
02 6625 6900

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